This is all an experiment - just playing for the moment.
cornet copius
An imaginary musical instrument. Or a sonic sculpture. Or something. This is a trial of thresholding to black and white. It comes out like an ancient photocopier with a messed-up drum - what a wonderful, rough, grungy effect.
alien 9
Usually, I'd do the soduku first - this time the doodle took precedence. Are two heads better than one? And what's the flying machine up to? Perhaps the space aliens are obsessed with the number nine and are investigating all the instances they can find? Thresholded again, because it works so well.
19 to 22
How to count from 19 to 22. Just in case you need a refresher. Complete with helpful graphics. They do help, don't they?
Goat? Lion? Who knows? But he's a happy creature. Many of the characters in the doodles are me, so perhaps I'm happy too. Maybe he should have a go at catching the falling star in the background.
The doodles vary in complexity - this one is almost a haiku. A seabird in a few lines. I don't think the "it's nonsense" had anything to do with the picture, but I've left it in for balance.
windmill boat
Don Quixote's horse. With a windmill. On a boat. No, beats me too.
This one is halfway to being a design for a linocut. I suspect this might have been a copy or an interpretation of something I'd seen elsewhere - it's not quite me, somehow.
space port
A spaceport with three, curious, futuristic craft. The ship-minds are young and they're just larking about, much to the consternation of the traffic controller who would like them out of the way to release space for the half dozen deep-space freighters he's got stacked in orbit. He's not going to say anything, though; if something were to happen he'd want them to come running fast, being the heavily-armed Rapid Response Units that they are. [This kind of thing is what comes of wasting too many years reading SF - just skip straight to the cat picture on Doodle 3 if it isn't for you.]
guardian android
Androids and robots crop up very frequently in the doodles. And no, it's not just because they're easy to draw, you cynic, you; they're also fun to draw. This is one of my favourites. A mechanical guardian angel. Don't be concerned that her right arm is missing - she has lots of specialised limbs for different jobs and is just in the process of swapping two over. Hope she's on my side.

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