Dribs, drabs and doodles.

woman walking uphill
Woman walking uphill.

woman walking downhill
Woman walking downhill.

This little piggy went to market.

An enigmatic sphinx. She's not going to say anything, is she?

Princess wearing the-tiara-that-looks-a-bit-like-a-hand.

A short-lived fad for having underwear on the outside.

More fashion. This time delivered by the Royal Mail. Junk doodles!

space tourists
Space tourists. I like their flying machine. Not much of a view, though - I wonder why they're looking at a desolate wasteland? Perhaps it blooms once every thousand years and they're waiting patiently for the great event.

It's Moon Cow again. This time looking at some modern art. She must have survived her encounter with the giant cat - perhaps it was just a mirage, I do sometimes imagine things.

Another meeting - who would have guessed diplomacy involved so much talking? The animated woman to my left is Admiral of the Fleet and wants to disintegrate the planet because of some trivial slight (the oceans are the wrong shade of blue, or something). The guy to my right is a manager who wants to turn the place into some sort of hub, though I'm not entirely sure since he only speaks an obscure dialect of Managerese and it confuses my autotranslate mechanism. As Ambassador to Earth, I've got to try and distract them and give them something else to focus on before they cause too much damage. "Hey look, there's a purple space dragon over there!"

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