Another page of doodles for your further delight and edification.
Aggressive fish (piranha?) caught between the crossword and the sudoku. Somebody has, very sensibly, marked its position with a bouy as a warning. Don't put your fingers too close to the screen - those teeth look vicious.
I like the dog and its beady eye. Definitely me; nervously looking around to see if some unkind person is going to flatten me. The humans are a bit lazy and poorly formed - you'd think they'd make a bit more of an effort knowing that they were to appear here on the website.
Another ship. I seem to like ships. They're really easy to draw - just get vaguely the right shape, add an anchor, a funnel and a flag, and you're there. This one's a happy, jaunty ship.
bird man
Parrot man. He's concentrating. Learning some new words. He's on to the four-letter ones now, so I better not give you a list.
The early bird catches the vase with two bobbly bits. Good bird - quite unrealistic, but has everything a bird should have. Bit smug and supercilious, though, so can't be me. Perhaps it has ambitions to be a politician and run the country.
Finally, a cat picture. I don't do many cats, so make the most of this one - you're not getting any more. I've got no idea what she's doing - wading through treacle, maybe? Or perhaps she was aiming for the early bird and missed. Or perhaps she's trying to tell me something - you never quite know with cats.
Two sheep. In a field. Baa! Is this the most boring doodle ever? Or perhaps it's two sheep levitating above a field. There, that's far more interesting.
Swimmer. Or at least she will be in a moment when she stops showing off the delightful costume I've given her and jumps in. This scene probably has golden sand, a bright blue sky and sparkling sea. If you've got some crayons you might like to try colouring it in, but don't damage the screen, will you?

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