More doodles for your delight and edification.
The Semaphore Men. This originally went with a haiku, but I decided to ditch the poetry (you aren't missing much). The drawing was worth keeping, though. This is how the cover of the Beatles' Help album would have looked if they had got the letters right.
A rare comment on politics and world affairs. Perhaps I should try drawing our glorious leaders, too.
wil child and alien
I'm almost certainly the character on the right. In a grumpy mood that day - perhaps my flying saucer has conked out. The Earth creature isn't helping by laughing at me and doing a silly dance. What an odd world this is. You can't help liking them, though, even when their behaviour is quite inexplicable.
bird man
The Bird Man of Wednesday. He looks a bit pensive. Perhaps he hates Thursdays and the anticipation is getting to him.
network man
Private-network man. Security through isolation. The original influence for this would have been the charming illustrations in a book of stories by Stanislaw Lem called The Cyberiad. I'll see if I can dig it out and find the name of the illustrator.
space oddity
Space oddity. (Me or David Bowie? Not a lot to choose between us really, except that he was hugely talented and I do the occasional doodle.)
flying machine
Another flying machine. This one is investigating an odd, geometrical time portal that has materialised in the Soduku region. You get a lot of this kind of thing in the doodle worlds.
one-eyed woman
One-eyed woman - perhaps she'll take up carpentry. That's a private joke - back in the days of my youth I once mis-heard a Led Zeppelin song as being about a jilted "one-eyed woman" who "took up carpentry" presumably to ease the pain and give her something else to focus on. Needless to say, when I heard the track again a few years later under much better listening conditions, to my great disappointment there was no mention of either. Why aren't there more rock songs about women who develop useful, practical skills?

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